FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

House rules

We are very strict about house rules. If you break the rules you will be expelled from the house with no money back option. Something serious, we will call the Ouarzazate Police Touristique located just 200 meters away.

Q: Registration upon arrival

A: When you arrive and while being given your house keys, you will fill up a document with your personal details, and a photocopy of your passport will be taken for our archive. Your details will be delivered to the local police so that they know you’re there. This is good for your security.

Q: Is there a deposit?

A: Yes. During your check-in registration, you will have to give 100 € deposit. This money will be given back to you upon check-out.

Q: What happens if you lose the key?

A: If you lose the apartment keys, you will be charged 10 € out of your deposit box.

Q: Online teaching?

A: You cannot stay with us. Why? Well, we don’t have a closed room where you can work without bothering the other guests. Online teaching is noisy and all our offices are in one single space. Sorry.

Q: No-smoking house

A: Dar Digital Nomad is 100% smoke-free environment. Even smoking at the window is not allowed.

Q: Can I bring a friend inside the house?

A: No. You cannot bring anyone from outside inside the apartment. The usage of Dar Digital Nomad house is restricted for the people actually living on it. If you make friends, you will have to meet them somewhere else like a local café or restaurant (or hotel).

Q: No shoes

A: You cannot use your outside shoes inside the house. When entering the apartment leave your shoes at the entrance, and use the provided Moroccan flip-flops. This follows local culture and cleaning purposes. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: No drugs!

A: Dar Digital Nomad is 100% drug-free environment.

Q: Boys vs Girls

A: One of the rooms is for male guests, and the other room is for female guests. If you’re a male guest and you ever mess with a female guest, police will be called on you. You’ll be in deep trouble with the Moroccan police.

Questions about Dar Digital Nomad

Q: How fast is the internet at the apartment?

A: 100 MB download, 12 MB upload.

Q: Where is Dar Digital Nomad located?

A: Dar Digital Nomad is located in the quiet neighborhood of C.G.I. in the Hay Al Mansour Dahbi district of Ouarzazate, in south Morocco.

Q: How many people will be in the house?

A: The apartment has two shared bedrooms with two beds each. One of the rooms is for male guests, and the other room is for female guests. That means, a maximum of two men and two women can stay in the house. You will share the house with a maximum of three other people.

Q: Is there a supermarket near Dar Digital Nomad?

A: Just on the other side of the street, there are two small “hanouts”. These shops have all the basic things you will probably need. They have fruits and veggies, milk, bottled water, detergents, fresh bread, yogurts, hygienic products, eggs, etc. If you need to get more things and indeed need a bigger supermarket, you can walk 5 minutes until Supermarket Nakhil or take a peti taxi to the Supermarket Aswak.

Q: Is there a liquor store in Ouarzazate?

A: Yes. There are two liquor stores in Ouarzazate where you can buy a wide variety of Moroccan wine and most famous beer brands.

Questions about payments

Q: How much does it cost to live at Dar Digital Nomad?

A: Roughly the price of Dar Digital Nomad is about 13,3 Euros per night. So, about 200 Euros on a 15-day based price. For a 30-day stay, the price drops to 11,3 Euros per night, roughly 340 Euros per one month stay.

Q: How can I pay for my stay?

A: You pay your full stay online via PayPal.

Questions about booking a space

Q: What’s the minimal rental period for Dar Digital Nomad?

A: 15 days.

Q: What’s the maximum rental period for Dar Digital Nomad?

A: There is no maximum rental period. If you book in advance, we guarantee you the space you booked for.

Questions about legalities in Morocco

Q: Can I legally stay for one month in Morocco? Do I need a visa?

A: European Union citizens, can stay in Morocco for up to three months without a visa or any other special permit. All you need is a passport. You can also read our page about visa to Morocco.

Q: What do I do to stay longer after three months?

A: The easiest way to do this, definitely, is to fly out to Madrid with Ryanair, stay there for one night, and return the next day for three more months in the country.

Questions about living in Ouarzazate

Q: Is Ouarzazate a safe city?

A: Yes. For several reasons, Ouarzazate is possible the safest biggest city in Morocco.

Q: Is there an internacional airport in Ouarzazate?

A: Yes. Ouarzazate is connected with several important airport hubs in Europe such as Madrid for example. Most times arriving from Madrid with Ryanair costs 10 Euros per ticket. Read our page about how to get to Ouarzazate.

Q: How far is Ouarzazate from the nearest large city in Morocco?

A: It’s 210 km from Marrakesh. Four hours and a half by bus.

Q: Will I need a car to live for a while in Ouarzazate?

A: Absolutely not. Public transportation is very cheap, and you can take a bus or a taxi to anywhere in the city. The bus station is close to Dar Digital Nomad, and even the airport is not that far. You can rent a car to travel further, which will cost you about 25 to 35 Euros a day.

Q: i don’t like cooking. What should I do?

A: If you don’t like to cook you can always buy takeaway food in local restaurants, or, just eat out every day.